Local Area Guide: Things to do / Activities / Attractions

Imagine the perfect day. It begins with sunlight sluicing through the blinds and opens up into limitless blue skies. The mountain air is crisp; the grass still sparkling or snow glittering with winter’s first light. The best part about today? You can make the most of it, all from your own front door. From land to water to powder to the 3.5 million acres of protected land that enfolds Snake River Sporting Club in boundless wilderness, there are no way stations between you and discovery. All points begin here.

Sometimes, a place can humble you. Jackson Hole is one of them. It’s the eerie sound of an elk bugle cutting through the fog of an autumn morning; the precipitous granite spires so rugged, it’s hard to imagine that one day you’ll be up among them—though you will. It’s the proximity to everything: the greatest intact ecosystem of the Lower 48; the steepest drop of any ski area in the United States; a town where ranchers drive their cattle along the highway, then open a bottle of fine wine come evening. Humble. Proud. Awed. That’s Jackson Hole.

Downtown Jackson Hole
A curving highway brings you to historic downtown Jackson, a mere 20 miles north of the Snake River Sporting Club. A town Forbes calls out as “one of the most culturally rich mountain towns anywhere,” Jackson is a town where sophistication bumps up against ranching tradition; conservation meets recreation; the hale and hearty meet and mingle with the artist and the entrepreneur. All are welcome here.

Guides & Outfitters

Each season at Snake River Sporting Club offers manifold opportunities to embrace your adventurous side: winter, summer, fall, and spring. We partner with the regions premier guides and outfitters so our unparalleled level of customer service continues in anything you try. Whether youre seeking to hone your Blue Ribbon trout fishing skills, conquer the backcountry on a heli-ski tour, or saddle up for an unforgettable equestrian excursion, our experts are here to guide you to indelible memories.

Amenities & Dining

Stepping into the Snake River Sporting Club Clubhouse for the first time feels as natural as stepping across the threshold of your home, even though its heavy timbers hearken to the glory days of tony European hunting lodges. From the handsome and cozy interiors to its impeccable service and dining, the Clubhouse extends your living room and extends your community, too. Other historic and restored structures throughout the property recall the valleys ranching roots and ensure that the flavor of true Wyoming hospitality lives on. This is character that resides deep in the wood.


We like to think that our members at Snake River Sporting Club are those who prefer to forge their own pathin life, in the woods, and into the exceptional lifestyle we offer right here in the Old West. Different tiers of membership suit all levels: occasional visitors, second homeowners, locals looking for a home-away- from-home, and more. Joining the Club means all of this is at your fingertips: the private fishing access, ever-bedeviling Tom Weiskopf golf course, and the feeling of discovery that pervades from the moment you cross over our red trestle bridge and encounter what lies beyond.